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Since 1962 

STARK Woodworking & Joinery Tooling

STARK S.p.A. specializes in the production of circular saws in HSS, DIN saws, clutch saws, T.C.T saws for cutting iron and non-ferrous metals, T.C.T. "Use and Throw" saws, and finally bimetallic ribbon saws. Our products are able to meet any need, both standard and special, ensuring for each application the best quality on the market.

Dynamic Line Cover Page - TCT Saw Blades
Basic Line Cover Page - CutterHeads & Kn
CNC Line Cover Page - Routers, Collets,
Industrial Line Cover Page - Planer, Joi
Diamond Line Cover Page - Blades Router

STARK Metalworking Tooling

STARK S.p.A. is specialized in the production of HSS circular saws, DIN saws, cold saws, T.C.T saws for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals, disposable T.C.T. saws and last, but not least, bi-metallic band saws. Our products can meet any requirement, regardless of whether it is standard or special, guaranteeing the best quality available on the market for each and every application.
Our highly qualified Technical Office – Metal Division, is always at the customer’s disposal for any enquiry or clarification whatsoever.

Dynamic Line Cover Page - Metal Cutting


Since its beginning, STARK S.p.A. has been determined to produce high quality tools thanks to the constant care to research and development, the use of advanced production systems and the constantly monitored production processes.

STARK S.p.A. was one of the first companies to obtain the ISO 9001 quality management certification which guarantees to our Customers an efficient customer care service.


The constant care to research and development of new products and technologies enables STARK SpA to transform ambitious requests into effective solutions and quality.

Investments in research and development, continuous attention to the needs of the market and innovation are the essential elements that allow STARK SpA stand out in the area by offering more tools with high standards of innovation, quality and safety.


STARK S.p.A. is always looking for new cutting technologies in order to offer innovative solutions and high quality to its customers.

Our technicians ensure the reliability of the production facilities and the collaboration with worldwide partners enables us to develop technologically advanced solutions and thus we are able to improve the quality of our tools and to constrict the production times in total safety for our operators.