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Founded in 1962, STARK Spa is one of the largest woodworking tool manufacturers and world leader in Metal cutting equipment.

The main office is located in Trivignano Udinese, Udine, Italy, where the production facilities are also located.

The Group has a widespread distribution network thanks to branches located all over the world: STARK GmbH in Germany, STARK DO BRASIL Ltda. in Brazil, STARK TOOLS (SUZHOU) CO., LTD. In China, FRUND-STARK SA in Argentina and STARK INDIA TOOLINGS (P) LTD.

Over the years, the Group has gained leading positions in organization, seriousness, quality and reliability of its products.

The strengths of the STARK Group are many:

  • the structure that has been on the market for 50 years that allows you to offer a consolidated customer care service;

  • ISO 9001 certification that guarantees Customers a production process with primary goal of product quality and efficient after-sales service;

  • the R&D departments that allow STARK to always be at the forefront of the development of new products and to have qualified technical assistance;

  • the PVD department has become a fundamental in the development of new treatments that optimize product performance;

  • a widespread network of Distributors and Agents always available to meet the demands of the most demanding Clientela with professionalism and speed.

The STARK S.p.A. specializes in the production of heads and tips with throwing knives, of window groups, of hydro and finger joint heads, of balanced cutters, of circular blades in HW, of tips and spindles, standard and special, able to respond qualitatively to any need for processing.

Stark blades have characteristics that are among the best on the market: the bodies used are steel of the highest quality, laser-cut; The teeth are made of hard metal which, in addition to ensuring a longer life of the tool, improves the quality of cutting finish. Laser carvings, found on some models, reduce noise during processing and together with balancing and tensioning, performed with fully automated machines, ensure a high quality of product.

There are several fields of application of STARK tips: they can be used on drilling machines, traditional pantographs, mortars and numerically controlled pantographs.

Depending on the material to be cut they are produced in different degrees of hard metal and HS steel, ensuring high speed of advancement and excellent finish of work.

The STARK produces precision spindles (hardened, adjusted and perfectly balanced) for numerical control machines and pantographs with ISO 30 bindings (also for SCM and Morbidelli machines) and HSK 63F (also for high speed and hot crushing). There is also a complete series of complementary items such as pliers, pulls...

Each STARK head is built, controlled and tested with the most advanced computer systems.

Built in accordance with the highest safety standards, in accordance with European EN-847/1 regulations, STARK heads are also extremely versatile and precise ensuring high finishes during processing. The STARK program is among the most complete in the market, from standard heads (beats, joints, pialle...) to finger joint tools, hydro and a complete program for the processing of furniture (profile, counter-prophies, band platform, etc. ...).

The heads are equipped with high-quality HW and HS knives to improve cutting performances.
Thanks to the latest production technologies used, the STARK ensures the repeatability of spare parts over the years.