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SCM Superfici Mini Automatic Spraying Machine

Superfici Mini Spraying Machine
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The Mini is the perfect solution for those who have sprayed by hand until today. Plug & Spray or stand-alone. All the advantages of the automatic spraying in a small, efficient, and easy cabin. The price is very competitive, ensuring shipment and installation costs remain low. The machine can also be equipped with a speedy cup on the spraying arm for small batches.

Superfici Mini Spraying Machine Features

FLEXIBILITY: Easy management of small batches with frequent color changes. Ability to spray flat or shaped panels. The integrated software recognizes each panel’s dimensions.

FAST: The system is integrated with a paper conveyor which rolls and unrolls itself automatically.  The lacquer, color change, and gun replacement options are incredibly fast.

ACCURACY: Spraying arm installed is on high precision linear guide with brushless motor drive for precise and smooth motion.

Superfici Mini Spraying Machine Technica
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