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SCM Superfici Compact 3R Automatic Spraying Machine

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The Compact 3R is a high-performance spraying machine which gives you the most value for your money. Quality is obtained with a double reciprocating arm inside a cabin with a double filtration system. Compact and economical, it guarantees all the advantages of automatic spraying while remaining accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

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QUALITY: Double spraying arm is installed on a high precision linear guide inside the pressurized cabin.

COSTS SAVING: Lacquer reclaiming unit SCRAPE ON WET is installed on a removable trolley to allow easy cleaning operations.

EASE: Full-size doors access the cabin from both sides for easy cleaning and maintenance operations.

WORK PLANNING: A color touch-screen panel is integrated with our simple and intuitive software, which has the ability to set working parameters, memorize recallable recipes, diagnostics and periodic maintenance programming.

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