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Nova F 410 (16") - F 520 (20") Surfacer Planers

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Surfacer Planers

Guaranteed quality at your finger tips. Perfect surfaces, practical and safe, ergonomics.

Discover the "Xylent" cutterhead, available for this machine.

Precision that lasts a lifetime without noise with the system on connecting rods.
The system guarantees the maximum movement fluidity and avoids deformations of the work table. This guarantees maximum stability, reliability and ergonomics.

Total absence of vibration thanks to the large worktables made from ribbed cast-iron.

“Xylent” spiralknife cutter block with 3 series of knives
The 3 spiralknives give an exceptional finish. Reduced noise during machining provides a more comfortable working environment. It also improves the dust extraction due to the production of very small chips. Each cutter has 4 tips which can be rotated into the cutting position when worn. Therefore increasing the production life of the cutter block before knives require replacement.

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Nova Product Range

SCM Class F520 F410 Surfacer

Class F410 - F520