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SCM Joinery Surface Planers

A modern surface planer for wood has an infeed table and an outfeed table on the surface to help the planing process;

the Scm and Minimax wood surface planers have ribbed cast iron tables that thanks to the total absence of vibrations achieved with large sized tables, ensure perfect surfaces.


The planning surface can be defined by adjusting the height of the infeed table, that in the Scm and Minimax surface planers slides on connecting rods, guaranteeing a constant planarity over time.


As for all Scm and Minimax woodworking machinery also the wood surface planers feature extremely high levels of operator safety: the spindle protection with support system integrated with the base (SCM patented solution) guarantees the maximum safety; safety goggles must, however, always be worn to protect the eyes from sparks generated by the blades against the wood or by eventual splinters.


One of the downsides of surface planers is their noise level, this is why Scm and Minimax have developed a 'silent' planer that decreases the noise level by 13dB compared to a standard planer, discover more about this extremely useful device and watch the video of the silence test in anechoic chamber!



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