Joinery Woodworking Machinery

SCM Spindle Moulders


The moulder was created at the end of 1800 to produce profiles, such as the ones for frames, that were once created by hand with particular smoothing planes fitted with shaped tools.


Today the same result can be achieved with a moulder for machining wood. The machine is fitted with tools called cutters that project outwards and rotate quickly, to remove a part of wood from a square element, giving it the desired profile.



L`Invincibile TI7

L`Invincibile TI5

Nova TF100 Spindle Moulder.png

L`Invincibile TF 5

Class TF 130

Class TI 130PS

Minimax TW55ES Spindle Moulder With Slid
Minimax TW45C Spindle Moulder With Slidi

Class TI 145EP

Nova TI105 Spindle Moulder.png
Nova TF110 Spindle Moulder.png
Minimax T55ES Spindle Moulder.png
Minimax T45C Spindle Moulder.png
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