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Stark T.C.T Circular Saw Blades Chrome & DVP Plated

Our T.C.T. circular saw blades for panels cutting are included in the new "DYNAMIC LINE" catalogue. These blades can also be supplied both chrome plated (EVOLUTION LINE) or PVD coated (FUTUREX LINE).

Stark Dynamic Panel Cutting TCT & PVD Co
Stark Dynamic Industrial Machine Panel C
Stark Dynamic Bilaminated Panel Cutting
Stark Dynamic Scoring Blades Chrome Plat
Stark Dynamic Vertical Machine TCT Blade
Stark Dynamic Portable Machine TCT Saw B
Stark Dynamic Universal TCT Saw Blades C
Stark Dynamic Multi Rip Blades Chrome Pl



Technical features and relative benefits

Futurex coated blades, both new and re-sharpened, ensure incredibly better performances than classical blades!

SURFACE HARDNESS: coating increases hardness on the cutting edge so to allow the blades less wear out while cutting.

THE COATING acts as a thermal barrier between the cutting zone and the saw body so to avoid any possible blade deformation

LESS CUTTING FRICTION: thanks to the low friction coefficient, coating allows the blade to cut smoother and better.

NO MATERIAL STICKING ON THE BLADE: while cutting chips are flowing easily so to improve the finishing of the cut (less marks on the surface cut).

Benefits of what above described grant the following further benefits:

  1. Reduced machines downtime (granted by the longer blade life)

  2. Less machine power absorption: thanks to the lower friction while cutting the coated blade reduces the cutting resistance

  3. Less blade maintenance and grinding costs.

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