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SCM Class SI X Tilting +45 /90 /-45 Degree Circular Saw

Electronic Controls (Programmable)

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The Machine Man Presents SCM 10 Year Warranty
The Machine Man Presents SCM Additional Year Warranty

Electronic-programmed circular saw with tilting blade

The advantages of an exclusive choice.

Buying a "SCM Class Six" machine means you get a customized solution, thanks to experience, technical research and Italian creativity.

Double blade tilting: maximum height without compromise. The exclusive Scm solution capable of simultaneously use a 550mm saw blade and 160mm scoring blade, for both 90 ° and ± 46 ° inclined cuts, providing the best performance on veneered panels and solid wood components.

Sliding carriage: maximum cut quality guaranteed over time. The carriage will never require adjustment due to its structure with arch-ground steel slideways (developed by Scm).

Easy: maximum reliability due to the function pushbuttons and easy-to-use with the electronic control of up to 5 axes. The large display suggests to the operator information for the correct use of any cutting configuration.

New automatic positioning system of the overhead protection: the innovation at the operator service. The overhead protection automatically positions itself as a function of the blade using the exclusive AP System. This makes the transition from cuts with different angles even faster and safe, without the operator having to change the settings of the machine.

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