SCM Circular Saws

Class Si 400

The circular saw is a machine used to carry out straight cuts on different types of materials including wood and its derivates, plastic, metals and many others.


Perhaps few people know that it was invented by the carpenter Walter Taylor in 1775 and from those years when this type of machine allowed exclusively straight cuts, with high cutting feeds but with a precision and a superficial finish of the very small cut, the circular saws were evolved and developed, managing to achieve very high levels of processing quality.


Thanks to the high degree of technology present in the circular saws of the scm and minimax lines, even the less experienced user who approaches for the first time working on a squaring machine, is able to obtain excellent results.


Moreover, thanks to various devices specifically designed for the scm and minimax circular saws, it is possible to carry out not only straight cuts, but also angular cuts of absolute precision, without the need to perform complicated mathematical calculations (different devices for angular cuts);
a news dated 2016, for all scm and minimax circular saws is the possibility of using a different tool in place of the circular blade, a small cutter (Dado device).

Class Si 350

Class Si 300

Nova Si X

Nova Si 400ep

Nova Si 300s

Nova Si 300

Formula S 400

Minimax Si X

Minimax Si 400es

Minimax Si 315es

Minimax SC 3c

Minimax SC 2c

Minimax SC 1g


L`invincibile SI 5

SCM Class PX350I Beam Saw

Class PX 350I

Nova SI X

SCM Nova SI300 Panel Saw

Nova SI 300

Formula S 400

Minimax SI X

Minimax SC 4E

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